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Of Traveling and Cupcakes


She’s a girl after my own heart: travel and cupcakes.

Her name is Gladys and up until today, she was an online friend. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we “knew” each other without ever meeting. One of my favorite things is meeting people in person, especially other photographers. Since I was going to be in California this weekend, I asked Gladys if we could meet up. We had an awesome time chatting about all things. And cupcakes of course. We’re both cupcake snobs…connoisseurs, if you will. We had delicious cupcakes from Miette at the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

San Francisco Wedding Photography The Ferry Building

I’ve decided that when I grow up, I want to be as photogenic as Gladys. After looking through the couple of shots that I took…I’m pretty sure she doesn’t take a bad photo!

San Francisco Portrait Photography Catie Ronquillo

This was taken on the interval timer (since I hadn’t figured out how to set the regular timer at the time!)  I never use it since I’m always behind the camera, but when you’re in San Francisco, you really can’t trust just anyone to take your photo, lest my camera be stolen! Also, I need to travel with a wider lens for self portraits. So since this morning, I learned how to set the self timer on my camera.

One last one that the interval timer caught. See! Gladys = SO pretty!

San Francisco Portrait Photography Catie Ronquillo

And basically, I love being in California in the summer. I had a shoot this morning and it was cool and breezy. No sweating involved! It’s just SO different from Texas. So I’m totally happy to come to California for your portrait session especially during the summer months!

Happy Friday!

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