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Bridal Shower Goodies: Bakerella Cake Pops


If it wasn’t already apparent from my other posts, I’m a big fan of cake. Love it. It’s delicious.

For my Bridal Shower a couple of weeks ago, my sister and I made cake pops. Cake pops are seriously one of the greatest food creations ever discovered. Seriously. Cake mixed with frosting coated in chocolate. Hello! I’m in love.

As the wedding sneaks up on us day by day, I thought I’d share how we made them. I know, I know, bridal shower planning doesn’t usually involve the bride, but I was ALL about making these pops!

These cakes pops are super easy to make, but make sure you have plenty of time to make them. They are time intensive.

First, bake a cake, whether it be box cake or from scratch, it doesn’t really matter. We used Duncan Hines Chocolate Cake Mix. Let cool.

Take a big bowl and crumble cooled cake into the bowl. Add a tub of Cream Cheese Frosting. We just used premade Duncan Hines frosting. The easiest, albeit messy too, way to mix the frosting and cake it to use your hands. It’s messy, but totally yummy to clean up! Roll into balls about 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter.

Place on wax paper cookie sheet. Refrigerate or stick them in the freezer to firm up.

Take a mini cookie cutter and push each ball through the mold. We used the Wilton Garden Shape Cut-Outs.

Melt some dipping/melting chocolate in a bowl. We used the Wilton brand Candy Melts from Michael’s. Dip one end of the cake pop in the chocolate. Insert lollipop stick (available at Michael’s). Let set.

We dipped the other end in Blue dipping chocolate and sprinkled with non-pareils (available in the baking aisle at Supermarkets). Et voila!

These are seriously good. It just so happened that the weekend of my Bridal Shower was also one of the hottest this summer. I recommend chilling these before eating for a yummy and refreshing treat.

Happy Monday!

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