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There is nothing quite like a real, authentic French baguette.


I didn’t know the difference until I returned from my year abroad in France. But trust me, you can taste the difference. The American made baguettes taste sweeter than the real thing. I remembered being all excited about buying a baguette from Safeway, and then be sorely disappointed when it tasted different. I guess that’s something for authenticity, right?

Between the idea of a couple with a bicycle, flowers, a baguette, and a newspaper, a million shoot ideas are swirling around in my head.

Does this sounds like your ideal kind of shoot? Are you the type of person who love baguettes too?

And now, upon further examination of this photo, I believe it’s an Italian newspaper. So that would be an Italian baguette? Maybe.

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Photo found here. If you know who shot this, please leave a comment and I’ll give proper credit. Oh interwebs.

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