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Fun Details: The Ranch House in The Colony


I love details. Details from a wedding really make the day. It allows the personalities of the bride and groom to shine through. I wanted to share a few of the fun details from Kathy and Cary’s wedding that I was invited to shoot with Allison Davis.

Since the ceremony was in a different location from the reception, they provided these great maps for their guests.

I loved their cake.

This was my first wedding where they had pie. So fun!

This is a clear labor of love: each stone was labeled with each guest’s name.

And I loved this: a popcorn buffet! A fun spin on the candy buffets that have been a big trend for the last year or so.

Details help set the tone, the personality, and the feeling of the wedding day. Think about all the fun things you can bring together!

Happy Thursday!


For Brides: Online inspiration for your wedding


Now I love me some magazines, but I’m also a big fan of online wedding inspiration. When I was envisioning the look of our wedding, I would totally scour for photos, ideas, and traditions online…while at work. It was a way less obvious way of browsing for wedding inspiration than flipping through a wedding magazine. I used to work in a cubicle, staring at a computer screen all day, so a little respite into the blogosphere was very welcome.

Are you looking for online inspiration for your wedding beyond The Knot?

Well good news! A brand spanking new online wedding magazine launched today! Introducing Nonpareil Magazine:

Nonpareil Online Wedding Magazine
It has tons of DIY goodness, affordable, yet stylish centerpieces, and tutorials!

Another online wedding magazine that I’m a big fan of is Utterly Engaged. Having launched last year, they are now in their seventh issue:

And of course, it wouldn’t be a blog post of mine if I didn’t offer a few more blogs to peruse for inspiration and entertainment galore!

Happy Tuesday!

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My First Texan Wedding: A Teaser


I’ve been running around for the last week with ideas running around in my head at a million miles a second. I’m making things happen this year, and inviting you all to join me on this wild ride!

But I wanted to get this post out. And more is coming.

So because I love cake, and currently can’t have any, here’s a teaser shot from my first Texan wedding that Allison Davis invited me to shoot with her.

Look out for more next week.

And, if you happen to be in the wedding industry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, join us tonight for the monthly Thursday Therapy, a casual, laid back, and FUN networking group, organized by the fabulous Kelly Simants of Sweet Pea Events.

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