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Newly Engaged? What to do next…


Congratulations! You’re engaged.

I’ve seen quite a few Facebook friends’ relationship statuses change in the last few weeks.

So what do you do next? Here are a few things I did right away:

I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule, but for me, I bought wedding magazines. Cent proposed to me in Las Vegas, and I popped in the airport bookstore to grab a few magazines. I think it’s a right of passage, crossing the threshold from dating to engaged.

Tell the important people. Your parents, your siblings, your closest friends.

Talk to your fiance about the wedding. Just the two of you. Ultimately, it is your wedding and it should reflect everything that you want. Not your bridesmaids, not your parents, not your BFFs. Your wedding is just that, yours. What is your vision for your wedding? Long or short engagement? Large or intimate wedding? Outdoor reception? Church ceremony? Who will be paying? What’s a rough estimate of a budget? (and many more questions after that!)

Then, I started reading wedding blogs. Well, I started reading wedding blogs without feeling weird. Now, I was engaged and had good reason to! A former co-worker of mine had become a blogger for the now-uber-popular wedding blog WeddingBee back in 2007, so I started reading. And I got hooked. And felt totally weird because I wasn’t even engaged.

Here are a few of my favorite wedding blogs:

Southern Weddings
Wedding Nouveau
Green Wedding Shoes
Wedding Chicks
Elizabeth Anne Designs
Snippet & Ink
Grey Likes Weddings
The Knotty Bride
Postcards & Pretties

And I highly encourage checking out the blog links from each of these sites to discover even more wedding inspiration.

Then the planning can begin! Officially!

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Happy Thursday!


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