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Thursday Tips: Doing Away with the Disc


That’s right. I’m doing away with the disc of images in my photography collections.

Ooooh. What does that mean?!

No, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be offering my clients the digital negatives, it simply means that I won’t be offering the digital negatives on a disc.

But why? Everyone else offers a disc!

  • Well, first of all, discs (CDs or DVDs) are so 1999. No, those aren’t fightin’ words. What I mean is, when was the last time you inserted a disc into your desktop or laptop computer? You were probably just transferring files, right? Possibly photos to your computer? Then, what did you do with that disc? Put it away, or maybe even misplace it? I know I totally do that.
  • Discs can go bad. Yes, like they can stop working and go corrupt. Discs don’t last forever. I highly recommend backing up photos from any disc to your computer. And then again online.
  • Longer delivery. I don’t just slap a disc in a plastic jewel case and call it a day. For my past clients, I have ordered personalized cases, which take time to design and order. Discs take time to burn.

Instead, I’m ushering my tech savvy clients into the next decade with a fast, accessible, and secure solution: cloud storage. What does this mean?

  • Faster delivery. That’s right, I can deliver digital negatives to clients two weeks faster than delivering digital files on a disc. Faster delivery means you’ll have your photos even sooner, and the faster you can share your photos.
  • Security. I’ll be able to offer you a secure, multi-site backup, all online. This means that you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to your photos. Should some type of catastrophic event occur, you can be at ease knowing your precious photos are online and safe.
  • Accessibility. With the awesome company that I’m working with, you’ll not only have the ability to access your photos at any time, download them at any time, and share them at anytime, you’ll also be able to access them from anywhere – your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. This means you can share on the go – when you’re visiting family across the country or friends across the world.

And see the little blue Facebook symbol? That means you can share your photos straight to Facebook without even needing to log in. And the green button? That’ll allow you to download the photo.

Are you excited yet? All 2012 clients will receive access their photos in this new, easy, accessible, secure way.

Thoughts? Comments? Does this totally get you pumped?

But what if we totally want to have a disc too?! Don’t worry, it’s still an option.

Questions? Email me hello [at] catieronquillo [dot] com.

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