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Featured on The Frosted Petticoat!


You don’t know until you try.

It’s kind of been a mantra of mine this year.

In the last few weeks, I decided I would submit my work for publication and see what happens. The worse thing that could happen is a “No.” And the no’s did come. But the no’s only helped to solidify my stance to keep trying, to keep submitting. I’m excited to share that I have three online features coming, the first of which was published today!

Be sure to stop by the Frosted Petticoat to see the shoot, and I’ll finally feature on my blog next week!

Huge thanks to Sam at The Frosted Petticoat for the feature!
Photography:  Catie Ronquillo Photography
Event Design:  November Lily
Floral Design:  Haute Events & Floral Design
Dress Store:  Rosa Clara
Cake Design:  Frosted Art
Makeup:  Faces by Briana
Location:  The Room on Main

Ideas and how to make them happen


I’m an idea girl. One of my favorite activities is sitting with a blank notebook and coming up with ideas, whether it’s for a shoot, for a blog post, or for my business. I’m all about the ideas.

But sometimes, I need to be wrangled. I need to held accountable. I need to make my ideas happen.

At the beginning of the year, I stated an idea about doing a particular shoot, and that I wanted to have it completed by the summer. Luckily, I shared my idea with someone, and she kept me accountable. Thank you, Lisa!

Several weeks ago, she contacted me, nudging me along with this shoot idea. Keeping me accountable for my dreams, ideas, and goals. Amazingly, it was brought together in record timing and I can’t wait to share!

Until then a little taste…

How to take some of those ideas you may have and turn them into a reality:

Focus on what you want to make happen.

Write it all down.

Tell a friend and have them keep you accountable.

Break down your idea/goal/to-do into actionable steps, and tackle each step.


Happy Wednesday!


Anytime: Katherine & Josh | Bishop Arts District


There are times when inspiration hits and you just have to do something about it. Or, rather, I just had to do something about it.

I’ve known Katherine for almost a year now, and when I met her for the first time, I knew that there was something about her. Like, we connected and were meant to be friends. Well, at least that’s how I felt. We exchanged emails and Facebook messages for months before we finally got together over coffee, and if we didn’t have to go home and spend time with our husbands that evening, we probably would have chatted for a few more hours.

That’s when I told Katherine that I needed to photographer her and Josh (her hubby). Needed to. Last week, the stars finally aligned (before it was too freakin’ hot) and I photographed them in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas. I LOVE these photos and LOVE them as a couple! They are my ideal couple…laid back, super fun, and up for just about anything. Oh, and they’re super cute.

Okay, on to the photos!

This. THIS is my favorite photo to date.

And Josh’s face here, makes this one a close second.

Thank you to Katherine & Josh, you two are amazing!!


Life is better with Dachshunds


It’s been a month since we adopted Kevin from the Dachshund Lovers of Texas and we LOVE him. So, so, soooo much.

I feel like one of those dog parents who just knew that their pup was meant to be theirs the moment they saw them. Kevin was meant to be our dog. I mean, he really needed a new name, and Kevin is way better than Fiasco.

I may be a little A LOT obsessed with our dog. Up until today, I had only been taking his pictures with my iPhone, but today, I took out the big girl camera and had an impromptu photo session with our 10lbs of adorable.

And yes, I’m totally that girl that put her dog on the dining table (shhh, don’t tell Cent!) for a photo.

I’m no dog photographer, but it helps to have a photogenic dog.

If you’d like to see more of Kevin, (because who doesn’t?) I try to post a daily photo of him on Instagram with the hashtag #dailykevin. Follow me on, @CatieRonquillo.

Happy Friday!

Seven Things that cross my mind a lot | 10 Day blog challenge


Continuing on with the 10 Day Blog Challenge…

Seven things that cross my mind a lot

1. I am thankful. For everything. My husband, my family, my life, my house, my dog, and our home, and everything in between.

2. I’m able to do what I love. I really do. I never thought that I’d be able to call my passion my job, too. But I do! And I’m thankful for that. I know that not everyone is able to say this, so it makes me so grateful every single day.

3. I am an adult. I guess that’s what crosses your mind when you’re technically an adult, but still sometimes feel like a kid. I mean, it’s been a long while since I’ve lived at home with my parents, but part of me never thought I’d be here, married, with a house, and a dog. And sometime in the future, kids!

4. Don’t worry about what others think. I know this crosses my mind a lot. I don’t know when it started, in junior high or high school, but I used to get so wrapped up in what other people thought about me. I wanted to please them and make them like me. But I’ve learned over time that it’s okay if someone doesn’t like me, and it’s okay if I don’t like them. As long as we are kind and civil with each other, everything will be alright.

5. It’s okay to do your own thing. If you’re ever teetering on the edge of wondering if you should strike out on your own because working in a conventional setting just doesn’t work for you, I highly recommend reading Chris Guillebeau’s blog and books. I mean his blog and first book are called The Art of Non-Conformity and his newest book is The $100 Startup. Some days I can’t believe I’m doing my own thing, and it’s definitely not easy, but it’s totally worth it.

6. How can I get to live in France again, even for just a month? I think this crosses my mind on a weekly basis. I think it crosses my mom’s mind on a daily basis. There’s just something about France that I’ll always be in love with. I wish Americans had just as much vacation time as they did (of course, not trying to spur an economic debate or anything!) I’ve been perusing lately just looking at what’s available and dreaming up a trip. Cent’s never been and I’m due back for a trip!

7. How do I want our life to look in 5, 10, 15 years etc? I think about the future a lot. And I wonder where we will be, what we’ll be doing, and how I’d like it to look. I’m a huge believe in casting a vision for life, business, etc and thinking about the future, and rolling with what comes your way is paramount. I love using Pinterest for vision casting.

And of course, because posts are better with photos, here is something I’m working on! Hello 7pm light!

Bishop Arts District Engagement Session Oak Cliff Dallas Texas Photography Catie Ronquillo

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