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Catie Ronquillo Photography new website and blog

It’s finally the day! My new visual identity, website, and blog has been unleashed into the Internet!

Be sure to go check out everything new!

If you are a blog subscriber, be sure to update your feed with the new blog address!!


Altar'd State Photo Contest


Hey friends!

I’m not really the type to go get on a soapbox and ask for votes, but today, I am. I’ve entered a few images into the Altar’d State Stand Out Photographer contest! I’m super excited about this opportunity because they just opened their first Texas location in Frisco!

But what I love most about this opportunity would be working with this company, for what they stand for: being fashion focused and cause motivated. Every Monday, 10% of net proceeds go to local charities, they fund employee volunteer hours each month, and work with vendor partners who share their mission to give back such as Toms, Feed Projects, FashionABLE, Krochet Kids, and Jedidiah. I love that giving back is their mission statement.

Voting is SUPER easy! Just click the link under each of these photos, and once the box pops up, click VOTE. That’s it! You only get to vote once, so it’s super easy.




Thanks so much in advance for your support!!

Voting period: September 25, 2012 – October 23, 2012

Round Two:  October 24, 2012 Announce top 2 photographers from each area [determined by votes]

Altar’d State Judges Choose Stand Out Photographer for each store: October 29, 2012


7 years.


To this day, when he asked me if I wanted to go to dinner, I wasn’t sure if it was a date. I mean, I thought it could be, but never having been asked on one, I wasn’t sure.

I’ll always remember what he ordered. “The cheeseburger without cheese.”

I can’t remember what I got. I just know there were fries involved.

As we sat in that booth with vinyl seating, under the pendant light at TGI Friday’s, we conversed. Learned more about each other beyond the, “Hi my name is ____ and I’m from _______,” that happened frequently interning at Disney World.

I was in a place where I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Photography was not even on my radar at the time. But I knew that the time I had in Florida was precious and being filled with dreams I hadn’t ever imagined.

Seven years ago I said, “Yes,” to a dinner invitation that changed my life.

Here’s to more years of ordering cheeseburgers without cheese, sitting in vinyl covered booths, and chasing dreams, together.

Dear Cent, Thank you for always encouraging my dreams, even when I feel like it wouldn’t work. You never let me give up, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you!

Stay tuned to big changes…coming very very soon!


Don’t be afraid of Change


There is nothing scarier in life than change.

I know I’d like to remain where things are nice and comfortable. Where I know how things will turn out. Where I feel safe and secure.

But in order to make things happen in life, it takes some risk taking and some change.

It’s funny though because it’s simple enough to talk about change, think about change, and dream about change, but in order for it to make any difference, change has to HAPPEN. And when things start to change, and things start to happen, it starts to give those afraid of change a nervous tick.

But in order to grow and evolve, we have to change. Whether it’s small or large, change happens.

Don't be Afraid of Change from Five Words

(via Five Words)

I was ready for change with my brand and visual identity. But, I was afraid of change, so I remained where I was. Even though I wasn’t in love with my logo and brand elements. In fact, recently, every time I’ve passed out a business card, I felt like I had to apologize for it. I’ve outgrown my current brand and it’s time for a change.

Change is coming soon!

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