Don’t be afraid of Change


There is nothing scarier in life than change.

I know I’d like to remain where things are nice and comfortable. Where I know how things will turn out. Where I feel safe and secure.

But in order to make things happen in life, it takes some risk taking and some change.

It’s funny though because it’s simple enough to talk about change, think about change, and dream about change, but in order for it to make any difference, change has to HAPPEN. And when things start to change, and things start to happen, it starts to give those afraid of change a nervous tick.

But in order to grow and evolve, we have to change. Whether it’s small or large, change happens.

Don't be Afraid of Change from Five Words

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I was ready for change with my brand and visual identity. But, I was afraid of change, so I remained where I was. Even though I wasn’t in love with my logo and brand elements. In fact, recently, every time I’ve passed out a business card, I felt like I had to apologize for it. I’ve outgrown my current brand and it’s time for a change.

Change is coming soon!


Something New is coming…


It’s been a soul searching process, but I’m so excited to say that I’m rebranding! It’s been going on behind the scenes and it’s the reason my blogging has become a little more infrequent. I’m super excited for the big reveal coming up soon.

Until then, a few images that have inspired me and the direction of the new brand.

Je t

(Photo found here.)

(Photo from 7th House on the Left)

(Photo by Elizabeth Messina)

(Photo by Hayley Johnson Photography)

(Photo from Uncovet)


Remembering Lola


One of the memories that stands out in my mind was getting cozy on the sofa bed in the living room and watching Golden Girls.

When my sister was a baby, my dad’s parents, my grandparents, Lolo and Lola, would come over for the weekend. And every Saturday, back when there was still good TV programming on Saturdays, we would watch the line up. I remember watching Golden Girls.

This morning I found out that my Lola passed away last night. She had just turned 84 last week. She lived in the Philippines with my aunt. Thankfully, she passed peacefully in her sleep, joining my Lolo in heaven.

It wasn’t quite the piece of news I expected to receive today.

I kind of feel how Kevin looks in this photo.

black and tan dachshund

The news of today just reminds me that life is finite. Hug your loved ones tighter and tell them you love them.

I haven’t seen my Lola since she moved back to the Philippines years ago. I had seen photos, I had wished her birthday greetings, but knowing I won’t see her again, makes it all very real. Be sure to tell the important people in your life just how much they mean to you.



Little Victories


I was talking to a dear friend yesterday about celebrating small victories. Even when we are bogged down with work, life, family, and the list can go on and on, it’s easy to overlook the small victories.

But in this fast paced life that is 2012, it’s important to celebrate accomplishments big and small. I wrote this post at the beginning of 2011, and yes, it’s a year and a half later, and I think back to where I was then. I wrote this post earlier this year and declared that I wanted to lose weight. Again. Why is that always on the goal list?

A few months ago, after a visit to the doctor’s office, I got really serious about my health and my weight, and making a dent in the goal I placed in front of myself.

Well, after stepping on the scale, I was pleasantly surprised to see the number. And pleased! (if you’re a woman, I’m sure you know the dilemma…)

Small victory! I’ve lost 10lbs since my doctor’s appointment, and 20lbs total since that first blog post.

And, when it’s yourself, it’s sometimes hard to see. But photos, they don’t lie.

I found this photo from last year on Facebook. And I remember the day I saw it posted. I was appalled at my face (we’re our own worst critics!)

Then, this photo was posted from a party last week. 20lbs lighter!

I couldn’t really see the difference until I saw it. With my own eyes.

I’ve always been self conscious about my weight. It’s always been a touchy subject. I’ve done P90X, I’ve done Weight Watchers, I’ve counted calories, and countless sessions at the gym. It’s always been frustrating, whether it’s shopping, eating, going to events, or whatever.

But I’m happy. I’m celebrating this small victory. I have a ways to go, but I’m proud I’ve made it this far.

What small victories can you celebrate today?

(Top photo: November Lily | Bottom photo: Sara & Rocky)


Gap + Styld.By + Rue Collaboration


Last week I attended the Rue Magazine launch party for their Texas issue at Wisteria. Wisteria is an amazing home decor store, full of great inspiration pieces. This week, Rue Magazine, the Gap, and are hosting a collaborative event at Northpark Mall, and I’m so proud that my friends will be helping make the event a success – Sweet Pea Events, Sara & Rocky Photography, Sweet Honey Films, Posh Floral, as well as the always fun photo booth from Picture Dust.

Gap Rue Collaboration Event Dallas Texas

If you want to attend, be sure to RSVP to!

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