Storming of the Bastille Day!


I still remember it.

It was six years ago and I was backpacking through Europe with my girlfriends. I happened to plan the trip so that we would end up in Paris on July 14, Bastille Day. I remember the immense crowds, walls of people strewn across the lawn facing the Eiffel Tower. We were meeting up with my friend, Francois-Xavier who happened to be in Paris at the time.

We had an unbelievable experience as we watched the Fireworks over the Eiffel Tower.

Fireworks Eiffel Tower Paris 2006 Catie Ronquillo

Photo taken with a point-n-shoot circa 2006, before I ever picked up an SLR.

As the fireworks display finished, we had to get back to our hotel. As we headed towards the metro, we quickly realized that the metro was not an option. Luckily, I was the trip navigator and can read most maps. (Thanks Mom, for teaching me!) Countless blocks, non-stop laughter (and some complaints of distance) and we finally could see our hotel in the near distance. It was like seven or eight metro stops. But we made it.

And it will be a Bastille Day I’ll never forget.

I was excited to discover that Dallas has their own Bastille Day Celebration in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff called Bastille on Bishop. There’s going to be petanque, crepes, and wine. Who could ask for more? Well, besides actually being in France. We’re going tomorrow and I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

*Photo note: I was sifting through these photos and realized this one wasn’t bad at all, especially for a point & shoot from six years ago!

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