Photo a Day Challenge: July


Netflix, Pinterest, and all went down this weekend due to the severe storms back east. And it felt like the end was near. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but it’s amazing to me just how dependent I’ve become on technology. I know, it’s totally a First World Problem.

I’ve also discovered something about myself. It’s not anything new, but it’s taken a while to sink in. I do best when I’m challenged to do it, and when I have other people keeping me accountable. I guess that’s probably true for most people. It keeps things interesting.

So to celebrate‘s return (since that was the one I seemed to miss the most!), I’m joining the Photo-a-Day Challenge for July started by Fat Mum Slim in Australia. I did the challenge in January and February and it was super fun. It’s what really got me into

Are you doing the challenge? Will you join me?

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