Adventures with Kevin and Miniature Ponies


Sunday started as most Sundays do. I got up, washed my face, got dressed, and took Kevin out for a walk. This particular morning, Kevin had allowed us to sleep in for most of the morning (btw, Kevin’s our dog), so I took him out to do his business around 10am. Since we’re smack dab in the middle of summer, in North Texas, the temperature was starting to crank, and it was getting too hot to walk the dog. Instead of a full walk, I decided to just walk him up to the park (we have one just up the street), do his business, and then go home.

What I didn’t EVER expect to happen, happened next.

Just as we were about to cross the street and head back home, I saw a miniature pony galloping down the sidewalk.


I had one of those moments where I wasn’t sure if I was in a dream or in real life. An Inception moment, if you will.

But literally, there was a small, white horse trotting down the street. IN OUR DIRECTION. (It should also be mentioned that horses and I don’t have a great track record. I fell off of one when I was 5 or 6 and have not liked them since…)

So there I am, on the sidewalk, with Kevin, about to cross the street when the pony stops. AND LOOKS AT US.

That’s when a feeling of terror (yes, because of a small, white pony) flooded me. I picked Kevin up, and I wasn’t sure what to do next in case it was a rabid pony or something. Horses are scary, yo.

Then I noticed an SUV that seemed to be following the rogue miniature stallion. Thank God, I wasn’t defenseless! (Seriously, what would I have done with a crazy horse trying to eat me and my dog?! Yes, I know they aren’t carnivores…)

I watched as it all unfolded. Two men from the SUV attempted to cajole and coax the pony back into their care.

And then the pony took off down the street. OUR STREET.

When I saw that the pony was out of view, Kevin and I bolted across the street and back down to our house. But not before watching now three adults (the men called for backup, it seemed) try to convince a small horse back to their car.

I was able to grab this photo with my phone:

escaped miniature white pony, irving texas, july 15, 2012

True story.

If I wasn’t in such a state of shock of believing what was in front of my eyes, I probably could have gotten a closer shot. But risking being attacked by a miniature horse was not on my agenda.

I can honestly say, that was the strangest Sunday morning I have ever had. So far, at least.

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