Six Things I wish I had never done


This is an interesting one…I don’t believe in living with regrets, but there are a few things I wish I had never done.

1. Gone to Tijuana in college with my roommates. A friend of one of my suitemates got really drunk/sick, and somehow I ended up being the lucky one to take care of her. When she tossed her cookies in the bushes, the campus security officer escorted both of us into one of the student lounges for questioning. This was probably the closest I’ve ever come to getting arrested. And to think she was an organic chemistry nerd!

2. Not checking in with the academic counselor at least once a year. I ended up taking an unnecessary class and had to squeeze in a physics course my last quarter of college. And I vowed never to take physics!

3. Not telling my parents about when my car was rear-ended in college. (I eventually did.) I figured I could just manage the issue myself. Turns out the “slight tap” that the other car did to my car actually caused more problems. Like coolant leaking, my car dying on a freeway overpass in San Diego, and my car losing power on the Dumbarton Bridge. Yes. I hate car problems.

4. Said no to a trip to Prague when I was studying abroad. Looking back, I totally wished that I had gone on this trip with my friends while we were studying abroad in Lyon, France. I shouldn’t have worried about the trip cost, I could have afforded it, and instead I took a lonely day trip to Dijon and Geneva, which were okay, but I wish I had a friend with me!

5. Been so quiet. I’m definitely more of an introvert when it comes to large groups. I do so much better when it is me and someone else speaking one on one. But I think if I had been more outgoing…some things would be different.

6. Played it safe. It’s a personal flaw of mine, but I don’t like getting things wrong. As a result, I often played it safe. I took an easier major in college (but I knew I didn’t want to be an engineer anyway), I hardly ever put myself out there (I’m totally an introvert), and in high school I was obsessed with being at the top of my class that activities usually were pushed aside. I was always afraid of looking silly or foolish, or of being judged, so I often said, “No.” I didn’t volunteer for things that would put my self esteem on the line. But I don’t regret for a single second going to the Disney College Program because that’s where I met Cent!

It’s funny how all of these things fall into my college years. I by no means lead a perfect life now, but looking back these are a few things that I wish I hadn’t done…or at least done differently.

But if I had done things differently back then, I wonder if I would still have the same life now?

I wouldn’t trade anything for all that I have right now. Especially now that we have this guy.

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