Life is better with Dachshunds


It’s been a month since we adopted Kevin from the Dachshund Lovers of Texas and we LOVE him. So, so, soooo much.

I feel like one of those dog parents who just knew that their pup was meant to be theirs the moment they saw them. Kevin was meant to be our dog. I mean, he really needed a new name, and Kevin is way better than Fiasco.

I may be a little A LOT obsessed with our dog. Up until today, I had only been taking his pictures with my iPhone, but today, I took out the big girl camera and had an impromptu photo session with our 10lbs of adorable.

And yes, I’m totally that girl that put her dog on the dining table (shhh, don’t tell Cent!) for a photo.

I’m no dog photographer, but it helps to have a photogenic dog.

If you’d like to see more of Kevin, (because who doesn’t?) I try to post a daily photo of him on Instagram with the hashtag #dailykevin. Follow me on, @CatieRonquillo.

Happy Friday!
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