Ideas and how to make them happen


I’m an idea girl. One of my favorite activities is sitting with a blank notebook and coming up with ideas, whether it’s for a shoot, for a blog post, or for my business. I’m all about the ideas.

But sometimes, I need to be wrangled. I need to held accountable. I need to make my ideas happen.

At the beginning of the year, I stated an idea about doing a particular shoot, and that I wanted to have it completed by the summer. Luckily, I shared my idea with someone, and she kept me accountable. Thank you, Lisa!

Several weeks ago, she contacted me, nudging me along with this shoot idea. Keeping me accountable for my dreams, ideas, and goals. Amazingly, it was brought together in record timing and I can’t wait to share!

Until then a little taste…

How to take some of those ideas you may have and turn them into a reality:

Focus on what you want to make happen.

Write it all down.

Tell a friend and have them keep you accountable.

Break down your idea/goal/to-do into actionable steps, and tackle each step.


Happy Wednesday!

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