Four Turn Offs


1. Disrespect – If there’s something that we can all do for each other, it’s respect. It doesn’t take much, and yet it makes all the difference. Disrespect for others is definitely my top turn off. Disrespect comes in all forms and is rampant. However, if we all just took the time to extend respect to others, imagine what the world would be like!

2. Ignorance – I think ignorance and disrespect go hand in hand. I believe it’s so important for people to understand a topic or subject before trying to defend it without any background knowledge. Sadly, many people choose to exercise their ignorance. It’s heartbreaking to hear ignorant comments being made or especially reading them on blogs. I hardly ever read comments on YouTube videos or big media outlet articles because they are often littered with ignorance.

3. Complainers – Last week we were at the movie theater, and I was standing in line between two sets of complainers. One couple was complaining all about their kids and how they were not going to give their cells phones back to them even after the punishment was over. The other couple of ladies were complaining about work and husbands and kids. I did not hear a positive word pass through their lips. I did my best not to get too annoyed…but it was such a turn off!

4. People who don’t listen – I’m a listener. I listen to friends all the time. It drives me crazy when I meet a person who is all about talking about themselves all the time, or if they are not the center of attention, they devise a way to bring it back to them. I also have a hard time with people who don’t follow directions, and then ask for directions. It drives me nuts when I have to tell them what to do, when I already laid out all the directions for them. I need to practice my patience!

My list is short and sweet (if you call a list like this “sweet”)…and to catch up on the rest…

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