Favorite Find: Kanvess


I love random Internet finds. And this time it’s a good one.

I didn’t start using Instagr.am right away because at first I didn’t get it. But now, it’s my preferred social media network. I love scrolling through photos of the people I follow, and for a few users, I only see them on Instagr.am. I’ve connected with some fellow dachshund lovers (because I have an obsession with our dog, Kevin!), some fellow Paleo eaters (we just started eating Paleo), as well as a few fashion Instagrammers. You can follow me – CatieRonquillo.

But today, thanks to my Instagr.am feed, I discovered Kanvess. A company that will print your Instagr.am‘s! I’ve found other printing sources, but they were either too involved (like ordering from my pro lab) or too expensive (for a 3×3 print!). I just ordered a set from Kanvess (so I’m kind of jumping the gun talking about them without receiving the product yet, but I’ll be sure to update!), and it was super easy and affordable.

You hit up their website and instantly it asks for permission to link to your Instagr.am account. From there, select your photos, and order. BOOM. Done.

I loved the ease of it. Seriously, to win me over, make it simple and easy.
I can’t wait to receive the prints! I think I’m going to make a collage. And while a good number were of Kevin, not all of them were!
Have you printed your iPhone/Instagram photos? Where did you get them printed?
Happy Friday!
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