Eight Ways to Win My Heart | 10 Day Blog Challenge


I’m a pretty simple person. It really doesn’t take that much to win my heart. However, if you mess with me or my heart, it’ll take a whole lot to win it back.

1. Nutella. Call me easy. Call me cheap. But bring me a jar of Nutella and we’ll be friends. FOR LIFE.

2. Red Velvet Cake. While it’s not advisable to eat all the time because it’s probably one of the worst things on earth for you, it’s one of the most delicious things ever. Eat in moderation. But if you want to win my heart, feel free to bring me some. Preferably in cupcake form (it’s smaller that way!) from Low Country Quisine.

3. Coffee Dates. Okay, it’s not that kind of a date, but one of my favorite ways of getting to know people and people getting to know me is over a caramel machiatto upside down (hot or cold depending on the season). But sit with me over some coffee and pastries and we’ll make friends, fast.

4. Housework. It’s not exactly my strong suit. And if I had the choice, I would outsource cleaning. But luckily, I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t mind cleaning the bathrooms. Seriously, whenever Cent cleans the bathroom or mops the floors, I’m won over. He can have whatever he wants that point.

5. Phone Calls. Granted, I’m not a huge phone person, but when I’m on the phone with a close friend who is far, far away, and we get to catch up even for a few minutes, my heart starts to sing. Not literally of course, that would be weird. And I don’t do it nearly enough, but whenever I get the chance to chat on the phone with a friend, my heart is full. And happy.

6. Handwritten Notes. A few weeks ago I had an expensive trip to the Volvo dealership (I know, it’s cheaper not to go to the dealer, but the customer service is oh-so worth it!), and a few days after the repairs were complete, I received a handwritten note from my service guy. It was so nice, and even though I had to drop a sum of money that made me spit out my water, I would be happy to return. Park Place Volvo, you have my heart.

7. A trip to France. You want to win my heart? Take my husband and I to France. I will love you for life and give you our firstborn. (Okay, that was a JOKE, but I’ll be your photographer for life, how about that?!) Part of me wishes that France was closer than an 8 hour $$$ plane ride.

8. Be real. Be honest, genuine, and follow through, and we will be BFFs. There’s nothing worse than saying one thing and doing another. Or acting one way in one circle of friends, and acting another with other friends. Like I said, I’m a simple person, what you see is what you get. However, I can smell fakeness a mile away, so don’t try to win me over with it. It just won’t work.

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