Dreaming of France


I narrowly missed her call.

Actually, I totally missed her call by a few seconds.

It was 10:30pm, and I knew I should get ready for bed, but I decided to call her back.

“Coucou,” she said, “ça va?”

Ah, the beautiful French language being spoken by my dear friend, Elana.

“Ouais, ça va, et toi?”

A few seconds of the almost foreign words rolling off my tongue, and I felt at home again.

My home, away from home, if you will.

And as we engaged in our conversation, and I struggled to conjure the right words in French, and would revert to a chopped up mixture of Franglais (French and English – but in French…similar to “Spanglish”), I realized I was losing it.

I need to speak more French. More often.

I need to not lose this amazing language that I once spoke daily. With ease. That now comes to me slower and slower.

Merci to Elana for calling me! Just the push I needed to get back in touch with my Lyon crew. So that we can chat en Français, and we can keep this beautiful language.

Anyone one reading this want to be my French buddy?


image found here. (Please leave a comment if you have the original source!)

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