Tornadoes, Movies, and Waiting


So yesterday went something like this.

I was at a CRAVE photo shoot and I received a phone call from Cent.

“Are you at home?”

“No, I’m at a shoot.”

“Where are you?”

“In Dallas.”

“There’s a tornado warning.”

*CUE insta-nervousness and freak out*

“Well, I’m going home now.”

“Be careful.”

I get into my car, and everything seems fine at the moment. I turn on the radio to NPR where the reports are basically saying, “Don’t risk your life, get to safety now, and if you are in a vehicle, you are not safe.”

*CUE calm hysterics*

I look into the sky and it’s dark and cloudy, but not the same kind of cloudy when it’s just going to rain a lot. I think the usual word people use is ominous. Like you know something is going to happen.

I continue listening to the radio, about how a tornado touched ground in Arlington (only 10 miles from where we live!), and how another was on the way.

Cent calls again.

“Where are you now?”

“Going home.”

“Don’t go home. The tornado’s path is that way.”

*CUE complete freak-out and meltdown while driving*

“Um, okay, where should I go?

“Can you make it to the mall?

“No, I’m already driving in the opposite direction of there.”

“Go to the movie theater. See if they will let you stay there to wait for the storm to pass.”

This is what I saw as I got out of my car.

So I did. I went to the movie theaters, along with my purse and camera gear and asked the movie attendant if I could wait out the storm in the lobby. He directed me to a bench and suggested I watch a movie while I waited.

My plans were a bit redirected, and I ended up watching Mirror, Mirror, which was a cute twist on the traditional Snow White story. I liked the seven dwarves the best.

Some of the photos out there are so scary. I heard about tractor trailers being thrown, and a friend posted this online, a view from the church parking lot.

(via ButterflySparks on

Thankfully, when I was finally able to go home, there was no damage to our house or our neighborhood. I’ve heard a few stories about people who lost their homes completely and they are in my prayers. If you’d like to help with relief of victims affected by the tornadoes, visit Volunteer Center of North Texas.

Have you ever been close to a tornado?

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