Taking Fear to the Next Level


So last week, I posted about how I faced my fear and submitted a video for the Jasmine Star Creative Live Course.

While I didn’t get chosen, I was glad to at least have tried. To have thrown my name in the proverbial hat.

Then, I heard about a 30 Day Vlog Challenge.

And something told me I should go for it. Try it.

30 Days of Video Blogging?! Are you crazy? (That’s what the other side of me said.)

So on April 1, I posted my first video blog. While I won’t be posting all the videos here, I will be posting the highlights, and I will be sharing the adventure on my other blog that I just revived, Project Joie de Vivre.

There’s just something about facing your fears…it’s empowering, exhilarating, and while still kinda scary, it also feels like a whole lot of accomplishment.

Here’s my intro video for the 30 Day Vlog Challenge:

If you’d like to see more videos, be sure to follow along at Project: Joie de Vivre.
Happy Monday!


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