Just for Fun: Karyn & Evan


Karyn was one of my first photographer friends when I moved to Dallas. We met at a photography get together, and I learned that she wasn’t a native Texan either. If you are in Fort Worth and looking for a family or kids photographer, Karyn is it! She’s also looking for models for her new BabyDays Plan!

Last year, I photographed maternity photos for her, while her son Evan was in the oven. And now he’s almost one!

A few weeks ago, Karyn and I got together to play around with flash and a backdrop setup. You know, just for fun. And see if anything editorial-esque would come about.

I think we had some fun. And Evan, too.

Karyn loves her son.

Evan loves his mama.

I mean, how can you resist this face and those blue eyes?!

And because this is real life, here are a few outtakes. I think of Dug in the movie Up – “Squirrel!”

And then he was over the paparazzi treatment.

Happy Friday!

Have a great Easter weekend!

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