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Last week, I upgraded my iPhone, and Cent and I were talking about the “old days” of the Nokia cell phones with interchangeable covers and when polyphonic ring tones were fairly rare. Back when the only game on the phone was snake on the itty bitty screen. Back when cell phones were actually used for making phone calls.

I’ll admit it. I use my phone for the game apps probably more than for the phone itself.

What did we ever do before smart phones?

Two of my current favorites are Draw Something and Scramble with Friends. Then there’s always Words with Friends. And if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ll find me on there.

Draw Something is especially fun because you get to see how well, (or not so well), your friends can draw.

Pikachu on Draw Something

Draw Something has some random words. Name this singer.

And then there’s playing with people who are legit artists, like Andrew, whose drawings I see on Instagram.

Do you play Draw Something, Scramble, or Words with Friends? Want to play? Leave your username in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!

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