Mystery Eggs


This is the weirdest true story that I’ve experienced in my life to date. So weird, I had to blog about it.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting in my office, editing some photos when the doorbell rang. Since I wasn’t expecting anyone and I was going to have to disarm the alarm system in order to open the front door, I just ignored it. I figured whoever it was would leave what they were peddling and go on their merry way. The person even knocked. But since I was pretending not to be home, I tried to stay really quiet.

A short while later, I left the house to attend a function, and as I was leaving out the garage, I tried to visually assess what the person had left at the front door. I figured it would be a door hanger or some kind of posted piece of paper. Not seeing anything from a distance, I thought nothing of it and drove away.

Later that night, when Cent and I were both home, Cent went to go retrieve something from his car and started out the front door. All I hear is, “What the mess?” and I come walking over and Cent says, “Somebody left us eggs.”

Six of them. Five brown. One white.

And no note. Or writing on the carton.


Okay, also, who does that and doesn’t leave a note or something indicating the purpose of the eggs.

I’m having one of those moments where I can hear my parents in my head saying, “I told you so.” Because a few months ago, my dad told us that we should really meet out neighbors. You know, more than just the friendly neighbor wave in passing. I know. I know.

Because things like mystery eggs show up on your doorstep and you have no idea why.

The mystery eggs:

Needless to say, the most confusing/weird/mind-boggling thing that has happened in my life thus far.

Anyone know of any strange Leap Day/end of February traditions where you leave your neighbor/random stranger eggs? Someone suggested early Easter, but if we’re counting they’re about 33 days too early. And someone asked if our neighbors have chickens, and the answer is not to my knowledge. Cats and dogs, yes. Chickens? I’ve never heard them…

Thoughts? Please leave them in the comments. Happy Leap Day!

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  • Reply Christina Shumway 03.01.2012 at 11:04 am

    Catie, seriously still baffled by this?! This is quite the mystery!! Hmm… know I’m going to head over to Google and see if there is a meaning. So what did you do with them? :)

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