February Goals


It was the commercial that got me. Leading up to the Super Bowl, I had seen the commercial so many times that I just had to try it. It seemed to simple. But I should have known better.

This weekend was the first and last time that I ever buy Velveeta. It really is a plastic cheese product. It’s not cheese! Leading up to the Super Bowl, I had seen commercials for making easy queso. Velveeta + Rotel = voila instant queso. Yeah, not so much. I wanted to make it easy by putting it in the crock pot, and it just didn’t work out so well. I should have known that if it can sit on a shelf without refrigeration and still be edible, I should run in the other direction.

On a better note, the 7 Layer Dip I made was a hit! Made with real ingredients.

Which brings me to goal setting for the month!


– wake up at 7:00am during the week, and don’t hit snooze and roll over
– reduce processed foods in diet (NO VELVEETA EVER AGAIN) and eat more real food
– participate in the instagram February photo challenge (username is catieronquillo). January was super fun, so why not keep it going?
– pray more, worry less

– refine workflow system for 2012, write it down
– attend WPPI/Showit United and make time to connect with other photographers
– create a wedding guide for clients
– create a lookbook for clients
– launch a new collaborative project for photographers

As far as January went, I think I did pretty well. Setting goals has been really helpful in following through, most notably in the items that required doing something every day of the month. Writing, blogging, and taking a photo a day is not as easy as it seems and I’m glad that I pushed myself to make it to the end.

– wake up every week day by 7:00am – as someone who is not a morning person, this will be a challenge! (I woke up in the 7:00 hour. That sorta counts.)
– start the day with reading, reflection, and prayer – instead of worrying, I’ll be praying
– end each day with prayer of gratitude
– complete the January Challenge on
– participate in the January Photo a Day challenge on Instagram. Follow along on your phone – my Instagram name is catieronquillo

– review and revise the Simple Plan business plan (a work in progress)
– host the first Showit Global Share group – this week on Wednesday at our house!
– create a wedding guide for clients (a work in progress)
– refine editing workflow system for 2012 – write down the system, work the system, stick to it (almost there…)
– get receipts in order…it’s that dreaded time of year.
– edit and share photos from a recent project – something good is in the works!
– blog everyday for the month of January – from thoughts, to advice, to photos, or an inspirational quote

What are your February goals?

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