February Favorites: Flats, Flat Screens, and so much Heart


It’s been a crazy month to say the least. February. For such a short month, there’s always so much going on. In my family, it’s the month of birthdays, although now that I live in Texas, those birthdays are mostly celebrated on the phone or over iChat.

I also went to WPPI, and that was tons of fun (a recap is coming soon!), but also a little crazy. Because I got sick. The sick bug knocked me down so hard that I didn’t even get to really enjoy my actual birthday. I was either in bed or laid up on the couch all day Thursday and most of Friday. I finally started feeling human again over the weekend. Whatever it was that I had, I don’t recommend it for anyone.

A few favorites:

I gave myself a pair of Tom’s Ballet Flats, and they are my new favorite ballet flat. Although, they do run large. I had to go a full size down.

Gisele Grey Suede Ballet Flats Toms

My new BIG flat screen monitor. Cent gave me a new monitor for my birthday and I love it!

CreativeLIVE – such an awesome resource for photographer’s education. I’ll be glued to my computer again this weekend!

I’ve had so much fun planning and prepping for Lookbook Lab with my friend Elisa. Can’t wait until March 10!

And the favorite post I read today, by two amazing people who make me so proud to be a photographer, Justin & Mary Marantz. If you do anything, watch the two videos in the post. And grab a box of tissues!

Happy Tuesday!

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