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Sometimes coming up with things to write about is the most daunting task. EVER. Especially when I’ve set out on a challenge to blog for the entire month of January, including weekends. After I set out on the challenge, I thought to myself, “WHY DID I WRITE THAT PUBLICLY?” because now I have to follow through with my goal. We’re nine days in, folks, and still doing pretty well.

In my usual routine, I was reading other blogs this morning for a little Monday morning pick me up and landed on Justin & Mary Marantz’s blog. And Mary’s post entitled “Write One Honest Thing.” What a post. I highly encourage you to go read it. Justin & Mary are a husband and wife dynamic photography duo in Connecticut, and I look up to them not only as photographers, but as people, too. They take wonderful photos, but they also share their lives, and really do care about people.

So, inspired by her post and her honesty, here’s one honest thing.

I want to share more of my authentic self online, through my blog and other social outlets. I want to keep it real, always, and not worry about what others are going to think. I’ve struggled with that my whole life. Of being good enough. Of being accepted. Of being liked. Fear of being judged. I want to be able to write without restraint, without holding back, and all the while being 100% me. Not some image that I hope to project. Not some person that I hope to be maybe someday. But just me. Right now. Flaws, mistakes, and all.

I want 2012 the most amazing year to date. And by that, I mean that I want to take bigger risks, dream bigger dreams, and never, ever give up. Because there have been times. Times when I wonder if I can make this photography thing work. I’ll find myself getting caught up in comparing myself to others, and wondering what they have that I don’t. And I know that I shouldn’t. Doing that just creates a toxic environment and zaps all creativity. I need to remember that I don’t need to be someone else in order to succeed. I just need to be myself. Because I am enough.

I found this quote this morning, and it’s a reminder to myself that whenever I’m feeling discouraged, to not give up. To keep moving forward in the direction of my dreams.

Galatians 6:9 Never Give Up

Here’s to chasing dreams in 2012.

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