Squeakiness & Global SHARE-ing


I remember the first time I went to a photographer’s happy hour. I was scared to death. I had just decided to take on this adventure and I didn’t know any other photographers. So I mustered up all my courage and went to a happy hour. In San Francisco. I had heard of these local photographers. Their work was amazing. And I didn’t even have a business card. Or a website. But I got in my car, parked on the streets of San Francisco without getting hit, and I squeaked out my name and nervously shook hands.

I hoped they wouldn’t remember me.

At least not as the awkward, squeaky girl who had a hard time saying she was a photographer.

The second time I went, I recognized some faces. I smiled. I listened. Some people who were easy to chat with. Who were there to catch up with friends and grab a drink. And they remembered me. Luckily, not as the squeaky girl.

I love my website company, Showit. They are so much more than “just” a website company. They provide me the tools to be myself on the web. They have an amazing online community of photographers and creatives. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

To foster that sense of community on a local level, Showit is launching its SHARE groups this month! And tomorrow will be the first global SHARE meeting, with special guest, Jasmine Star, and I’m hosting the local Dallas/Fort Worth meetup. So, if you’re a Showiteer and you’re in DFW, please join us!

Don’t be shy. We’d love to have you!

Dallas Fort Worth SHARE Showit Group

And if you’re not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, click on the map to find a SHARE group near you.

Happy Tuesday!

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