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As much as I love social media and how easy it makes it to connect, there’s nothing quite like hanging out in person.

And this week, I made an effort to do that instead of just online. Online is great, but there’s nothing quite like face time. It allows you to build an even better relationship and grow stronger as friends. I think that it’s easy to be “friends” online, but when you don’t really know each other, it’s just a hollow shell attempting to be a “friendship”.

Hey, I’m totally guilty of playing on Facebook instead of having real life interactions. It’s SO much easier to hang out online. But, I have to follow my own advice and get out there, make myself vulnerable, and meet new people. And it’s TOTALLY worth it. I’ve considered myself a shy person my whole life, and there are times when I just have to push through that fear, and make the first move. Even if I seem weird. Even if I seem a little creepy. (Like the few times I’ve asked acquaintance on Twitter to meet in real life!) To have that face to face time with awesome people is worth the little bit of discomfort. But once you push through and make that connection, it’s totally and completely worth it.

So, so worth it. In spite of my shyness, I love it. Talking to people one on one. I allow myself to be a little vulnerable and share openly and freely. I let my guard down. And I realize it’s okay. I get a little warm and fuzzy. I seriously love making new friends especially when they are awesome and I want to be their friend even more. Totally. It’s almost like dating. Like the dating I never did in my formative years. Like dating without the romantic intricacies. Now, I can use those “dating skills” in real life, to make new friends.

I love meeting Facebook and Twitter friends in real life. Because then, we can become actual friends. I think Facebook is great for that first initial interaction, but when you can meet and chat in real life and make a real connection that’s where the magic happens.

I encourage you to get out from behind your computers and hang out with people in real life. Even if it’s a late lunch, a playdate with your kids, or a quick coffee between carpool times. That face-to-face interaction is so essential.

To the Photo Ladies, Sara & Rocky, Wendy, Heather & Eugene, Vanessa, and Kelly, thank you for some face-to-face hang out time this week!

PS. If this post is a little all over the place, it’s pieced from one of my daily 750 Words posts that I wrote today. I hope it makes sense!

Thanks to Lynn for the photo above.

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    how fun that you hung out with sara!! we are online friends :)

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