Oh how I love Pinterest. If I could give it a hug, I probably would. If I ever meet Ben, Pinterest’s co-founder, I would totally give him a hug. Without seeming too creepy, of course. I recently read that Pinterest’s office motto is “Move Fast and Break Things *except data *and hearts.” I love it. And if you’ve ever been on Pinterest at peak traffic times, it seems like it breaks the Internet.

I love gathering inspiration for future shoots and ideas for wedding ideas that I love. And thanks to Pinterest, it’s so easy since it’s a visual bookmarking platform. As someone who doesn’t thrive with organization unless the structure is already there, this is wonderful. My mind is always running around (kind of like a hamster in a wheel) with ideas, and it’s so useful to have a place to keep everything. So, thanks, Ben. I heard that he was an awesome speaker at ALT Summit last week, and just hearing about all the fun things that went on at the conference, it’s on my list to one day attend.

Seriously, I remember the day a friend sent me the invite, I was glued to my computer searching for everything from interior decoration to recipe ideas to inspiring imagery.

Here are just a few of my favorite wedding inspiration boards.

Although, I do have one request to pinners out there. Please pin from the original source or permalink. (Whoa, I just got all technical, but basically it means that you would pin from the individual post instead of the blog’s homepage. If you have questions, leave it in the comments.)

Are you a pinner, too? Leave your Pinterest name in the comments! I’d love to check out your boards. Need an invite? Let me know!

How do you use Pinterest?

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