Favorite Find: Nutella Mug Cake


I came across this wondrous thing a few weeks ago and literally said, “SHUT UP.”

Someone invented/concocted/figured out how to make a single serving of cake. IN THE MICROWAVE.

And this one? It’s a Nutella cake! What the what?

Okay, so that may be counterintuitive for all of you have have resolved to lose weight this year, but it’s a SINGLE serving. For when you’re really craving something, but don’t want to make a whole cake because you know you’ll eat the WHOLE thing. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me. But trust me. That happens. Self-control goes out the window when cake is involved. And especially when Nutella is involved!

For the full recipe, visit Babble.

Oh the things you find on Pinterest and Zite!

Luckily (depending on how you look at it) I haven’t been able to make it because we don’t have any eggs. But that could change. Easily.

And wouldn’t these make cute wedding/bridal shower favors or desserts?

Photo from Babble.

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