Favorite Find: Lost Type


I think in another life I would have studied graphic design. I have this secret love affair with fonts. Seriously. I could spend an afternoon perusing sites like MyFonts.com and looking a pretty typography. I enjoy reading the Font Friday posts that Lauren of Palm Papers shares.

I have HUGE appreciation for calligraphers whose steady hands result in gorgeous artwork. I wish I was that talented.

The other day I stumbled on Lost Type, a font co-op, providing a handful of unique high quality fonts, and available on a “pay-what-you-want” basis, and the funds go back directly to the artist. The fonts are a little bit retro, a little bit vintage, and a whole lot of personality. Here are a few of my favorites.

Do you have some favorite fonts?

Other sites that have high quality free fonts include Font Squirrel and MyFonts (though you have to do some digging for those)

Happy Wednesday!

Banners from Lost Type


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