Skinny Jeans: Revisited


Oh the skinny jean. What. A. Dilemma. I got such a good response on my post last year, that I just had to revisit the idea.

Let’s just say I never found that coveted pair of jeans.

So, let’s be honest. There’s nothing skinny about me. Nor do I have a desire to be “skinny”. Anywhere in the “fit and healthy” spectrum would be great. I’m on the way and have lost 12lbs so far! So YAY.

But I digress. There’s this look that I really love. That I want to have. And really? I don’t think it should be so out of reach. I’m always slightly envious when I see friends sporting this style. It’s this: jeans and boots. With the jeans tucked inside the boots.

Photo from Shade Clothing

But here’s the situation. Dilemma, if you will. I have large calves. Muscular, once-danced-ballet, calves. Or, as my sister calls them “man calves.” Our genetics and after-school activities blessed us both with these. And while I did find a pair of wide-calf boots last year, they absolutely do not work (without looking ridiculous) with regular (in my case, bootcut) jeans. I need a pair of skinny jeans or slim leg jeans to make this work. So…any suggestions?

I also found this wonderful tutorial of sorts on Pinterest, which I am going to try:

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest



Also, I need new jeans. Because the ones I have are getting loose. And that? I can celebrate.

Happy Friday! Please leave your suggestions in the comment box! :)

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  • Reply fionna 12.02.2011 at 2:14 pm

    catie my love!
    my favorite jeans are from torrid! i’ve been shopping there for years. yes they’re a little expensive, but i haven’t gone to a store that fits my curves better =P
    they actually have a promotion right now — $5 off just for TRYING on jeans.
    most if not all of their jeans have some stretch and their version of the jegging is more jeans than legging. give it a go, i hope you find something!


  • Reply Lottie Fowler 12.02.2011 at 2:51 pm

    I do tights or leggings so that I don’t have to worry about the skinny jeans part. I mean I like the jeans look but they always ride down in the crouch area so I’m out. 😉

  • Reply Alex 12.03.2011 at 3:27 pm

    Good luck on your quest for the perfect skinny jeans. I love the “jeans tucked into boots” look, too. But in my case I’m in dire need of a nice pair of boots. This has definitely given me something to think about :)

  • Reply Kimberly 12.06.2011 at 11:08 am

    I was totally anti-skinny jeans, but then found the perfect pair! Paige denim all the way! I HATE shopping for jeans (waist-hip ratio issues make it particularly challenging to find jeans that fit my curves!) and recently went to a Nordstrom when I was in San Diego and met the most WONDERFUL sales woman that new everything about every pair of denim jeans they had. She recommended Paige for me, and I ended up with two pairs (did I mention I have a hard time finding jeans at all, and I ended up with two great pairs in less than an hour?!) that I LOVE. One skinny, one bootcut. I seriously love them so much. They were a little pricey, but TOTALLY worth it.

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