Post Holiday Recovery


I hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was seriously here and gone in a flash. Christmas vacation is never long enough.

And now, I’m in post-holiday recovery. From all the fantastic food, staying up until the wee hours, and running on full throttle energy speeds. Yesterday, we flew back from California (more on that later), and while we were in flight, my ears got plugged up. Like, in a way that I’ve never experienced before. And now, more than twenty-four hours later, my ears are still a little stuffy. It’s like being sick, without being sick. I can’t wait to have my hearing back!

And because I’ve been perusing Pinterest most of today, I stumbled on this and couldn’t agree more:

If the first one were really true, I’d live in sweatpants day in and day out.

Happy Tuesday! And cheers to unplugged ears and post-holiday recovery :)

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