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For the last few years since I’ve become a photographer, I’ve watched the Thirst Relief Mentor Auction, where photographers donate a mentoring session (and sometimes more goodies) to help raise money to provide clean water for those without. I think living in the United States, it can be difficult to wrap my head around the fact that there are so many people without a huge basic necessity: clean water.

The Mentor Auction is going on NOW on eBay and today is the final day to get your bid in. I have my eye on a couple of the mentor sessions, and in true eBay watching fashion, I’ll be bidding at the last minute. Because that’s when all the action happens, at the last minute. It all ends tonight!

So if you’re a photographer, an aspiring photographer, or just want to help save lives, considering bidding!

100% of proceeds go directly to Thirst Relief water projects located around the world to help provide people with a long-term source of clean water.

Last year, the sponsors and 90 mentors who participated in the Mentor Auction raised more than $40,700 which directly provided 8,147 people with clean water! 100% of the proceeds directly benefit¬†Thirst Relief International, who provides at least 25 years of clean drinking water to the more that 1 billion people who don’t have it! Add to that the incredible wisdom and talent that is being shared in the one-on-one mentor sessions and you have better and more successful photographers/business owners! So, not only are lives being saved but the lives of many business owners are being made better! It’s truly a win win for everyone involved!


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