Happy Halloween & October Self Portrait


Whenever Halloween rolls around, I always wonder where the month of October escaped to. I still need to run out at get a bag or two of candy for the kids who are sure to circulate around the neighborhood tonight trick-or-treating.

With that, I also realized that I hadn’t yet taken my October Self Portrait. So, I just made it!

Today was also extra exciting because I hit my first weight loss goal of 10lbs! I was getting to the point of where I thought I would be stuck at the 8lb mark forever. But with perserverance and a whole lot of sweat, I hit my first goal! It took just about 12 weeks, but slow and steady wins the race, right?! Now, onto annihilate the next 10lbs! Read where I started…although, I only got really serious about making changes in August. But it’s about progress, not perfection!

See my September self portrait.

For all those with kids trick-or-treating tonight, have a safe and happy Halloween!

What’s your favorite candy? Mine is Twix! And Rolos.

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