5 Rules for Happiness


My laptop is three years old this year. And while for most things, that’s not very old, in computer years, that’s past middle age in many cases. And today was one of those days where my laptop was showing its age. Like, it didn’t know if it wanted to work or not today. Photoshop crashed three times as I was saving a photo I had been working on for twenty minutes (a special request edit). As I first tried to write this post, it crashed Chrome. So weird. I think it’s asking to be replaced some time soon.

I waved the white flag on technology. At least for today.

Luckily after a tried and true reboot, my laptop seems like it will behave for me. At least for now.

I was on Pinterest and found this, 5 Simple Rules For Happiness, which helped put things into perspective, as I contemplated tossing my laptop across the room when the last program crashed.

So if you’re having one of those days, turn to little reminders like this, and those little issues won’t feel so bothersome anymore.


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