Ceiling Fans & Garbage Disposals


I’ve never really been that interested in cooking. It’s only cropped up recently since getting married. I’ve always been way more interested in something else.


Maybe it was watching too much Home Improvement as a kid, one too many episodes of shows on HGTV as a teenager, or perhaps getting lost on Ana White’s website. In any case, power tools and the prospect of building or making something put a smile on my face. I actually enjoy wandering the aisles of Home Depot and pulling dozens of paint chips for the some day color of my walls.

Well, my family was visiting this past weekend, and just as I expected, my dad found all the things in our house that could be fixed or replaced or added, and then set out on a mission to complete each task. My dad’s a total doer. Which is awesome, since sometimes, when we don’t know how to tackle a project or where to start, we tend to just live with it and then forget about it altogether.

But not my dad.

He helped us install a new ceiling fan, replace the garbage disposal, solve the mystery behind the non-functioning dishwasher, fix a table, build shelves, and change all the batteries in devices that needed changing. Like the garage door opener remote, for example.

I feel like we’ve experienced a minor upgrade in life.

Thanks, Dad!

Yes. My parents read my blog. Sometimes at least.

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