Summer Dreamin’


Some days are just meant for dreaming. Dreaming of the future. Dreaming of big goals. Dreaming of where life will take me. And sometimes of just dreaming of things.

This week has included a whole lot of dreaming. Especially with it being officially summertime.

A big porch. Growing up in California, there really aren’t too many wraparound porches. Someday, I want to have one. With big rocking chairs like in the photo.

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Hammocks. We saw a hammock the last time we were at Sam’s Club. And I think both Cent and I secretly (or not so secretly) longed for it.

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I wish that Dallas wasn’t landlocked. Or at least that it was a little closer (than a few hours) away from a coast. Texas is big! And I’ve figured out how to survive the hot summers. Beach time…by hanging out IN the water!

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Speaking of pools. My awesome friend Vanessa invited me over to her community pool and it was amazing! Seriously, I kept thinking to myself, “This is how you make it through summer!” Now, if I could just move my office to a pool.

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Have a great 4th of July weekend!

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