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I think I might take my technical knowledge for granted. I don’t think I realize how much I actually know.

My dad is a gadget guy. A nerd, if you will. Growing up, we were always on the cutting edge of technology. I remember using the Internet before I even knew it was called “the Internet”. We’d dial up on the modem and it would make all kinds of weird noises and then voila, we could access things “online”. It used to take forever for pages with lots of graphics to load. I remember when in 1995 we were the first house on the block, and possibly city, to get cable internet. I think most people were still trying to figure out how to connect their 56k modems (and that was the fast kind at the time). We got wireless at home before “WiFi” was a common term.

And then there’s Cent. Also a geek. He plays all sorts of video games on the PlayStation 3, and keeps up with the tech blogs. When he was in college he wrote a paper about the HD DVD and Blu-ray debate, a few years before Blu-rays even hit the shelves. He taught me how to use the PS3 to play Blu-rays and access Netflix.  Earlier this year we purchased a 3D TV and have a fun home theater experience. When we bought our house and were hooked up with Verizon FIOS (aka, lightning fast internet) it’s like we had hit the big time. He and my dad get along swimmingly as they bond over gadgetry and new technologies.

What can I say, I’m surrounded by technical geeky goodness.

And I guess it rubbed off on me in an unconscious way.

Today, I helped a friend set up a new blog, a new email address, and showed her the wonders of Google – from GoogleDocs, Calendar, and Reader. I attempted to set up her WordPress blog from scratch – playing with the .php files, and eventually figured it out. And I kind of shocked myself that I knew what I was doing. My friend looked at me as my fingers flew across the keyboard with grace and speed and remarked, “How do you know how to do all this?” It must be that I’m surrounded by the technically able. And I’m not scared to tinker. I know just enough to be dangerous.

If I’m being totally honest, my Zite app on the iPad includes a section on CSS/HTML5 coding (even though I only understand very basic things) as well as keeping up with the latest in the blogging world.

In other words, I’m thankful for my Dad and Cent. Thanks for helping me embrace new technologies and not being afraid to dive into technical things.

This photo (from Cent’s iPhone) cracks me up.

Are you a secret geek too? Or does technology freak you out?

Happy Wednesday!

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