Lost Sunglasses and Two Years Later


I knew it.

I knew that I should have paid attention to the sign. The sign that read “No shoes, no clothing with rivets, no glasses, (plus some other stuff)” on the innertube ride. But we were already in line. We were already committed. My mistake, however, was not removing my sunglasses, once I sat in the innertube. I figured that it would be okay.

And then came the twists and turns.

And nearly flipping upside down on the waterslide. At least that what I thought.

Finally, I came near the exit with the pool ahead of me. I saw Cent in the near distance. And next thing I knew, I had flipped forward out of the innertube and into the water.

My sunglasses were gone. And the lifeguard was ushering me out of the water.

DANGIT. I lost my sunglasses. Sadness.

I suppose it could have been worse.

In other news, today is our second wedding anniversary! Yay! Two years went by soooo fast. We went to San Antonio where it was a lot cooler than Dallas… only 96 degrees! (You know you live where it’s hot when 96 feels cool).

Right before we watched the new Shamu show. There’s a BABY Shamu now!

At the end of the day, after I lost my sunglasses and looking a bit sunburned.

We took a Rio San Antonio River Cruise as the sun set. Great way to see the Riverwalk!

I didn’t want to lug my big camera around, so all photos were taken with my Point&Shoot.

You can read about how we met, our first anniversary, first anniversary wedding cake, and what five years together looks like.

Happy Monday!

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