Favorite Find: Les Mills Body Pump


Oh my. Walking has been a struggle since yesterday. In fact, most all movements with my legs has been difficult. It’s the second day after a hard workout soreness. But you know, it hurts in a good way.

I went to the new Body Pump class at 24 Hour Fitness on Monday. It was a great class and I’m glad I went. I just need to remember that if I have a shoot on Wednesday, that working out that hard on a Monday (after not doing a weight training class in a long time), is probably a bad idea. At least if I don’t want to look ridiculous. Or that I just need to get myself to the class more often.

Seriously, simple actions like sitting down and standing up are work. I’m hoping that by tomorrow my legs will be back to normal. I totally recommend this class, and I’ll be going back on Monday!

If you had to choose, what’s your favorite workout?

Happy Wednesday!

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