Cars, Dental Work, and a Birthday


I’m pretty sure I’d rather get dental work done instead of dealing with car issues.


At least with dental work, you kind of know what you’re in for. Dental instruments. The high velocity tooth cleaner thing. Maybe Novocaine. Maybe some drilling.

But with cars? Ugh. I wish I knew more about cars. You have to wait for the bad news and then brace yourself for the cost. I’m currently bracing myself.

Today has been an adventure to say the least. And I’m blogging from the waiting area at the Volvo dealership. Thankful for free wifi.

In other news, it’s my dear friend Maggie’s birthday. We’ve known each other now for 20 years! Dang. That’s a long time. We met in ballet class when we were seven or eight, shared a locker for PE in high school, and she was a bridesmaid in our wedding. Good times.

Happy Birthday Mags! Love ya!

And if you’re an engaged couple or know one, be sure to check out the engagement session giveaway!

Happy Monday!

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  • Reply Kathleen 06.22.2011 at 6:35 pm

    Happy Birthday, Maggie! And I hope your car issue didn’t turn out to be a pain!


    Auntie Kathleen

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