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About a month ago, I met Jay, the co-founder of Dress My Way™, and he invited me to visit the design gallery. Dress My Way™ provides clients the ability to design their own wedding dresses from scratch. Working from ideas that the bride-to-be may have, along with the guidance of a designer, clients design their very own dress that is truly one of a kind. It’s not just choosing a basic dress and adding detailing or embellishments. It’s drafting a completely custom, yet cost-effective, wedding gown.

If you’re looking for a custom, couture option, Dress My Way is definitely an option to explore. Jay, the owner is kind and welcoming, and helps you through the entire process. And since the dress is made for YOU from the beginning, and built using your measurements, this helps save on alteration costs, which is customary with non-custom wedding dresses.

This is an example of a wedding dress that was designed and then manufactured for a client:


Dress My Way empowers clients to unleash their creativity and design a one of a kind dress from start to finish. And with the process that Dress My Way has set up, they enable clients to have a completely custom dress without the couture price tag.


Thanks Jay for inviting me into your studio!

Dress My Way
1444 Oak Lawn Avenue #703
Dallas, TX 75207

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