Favorite Find: 3 Wedding Movies


I love me a good wedding movie. Silly, ridiculous, or hilarious, I’ll pretty much watch it. Some of my favorites are Father of the Bride, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Singer, Our Family Wedding, and Monster-in-Law. While most weddings portrayed in wedding movies aren’t that crazy, I think I get a sense of relief to know that I have wonderful clients.

And there are three wedding movies coming up that I’d definitely watch.

When I first saw the preview for Jumping the Broom a few months ago, I got excited. Mostly for the name of the movie, since Cent and I jumped the broom at the end of our ceremony. That, and it also looks like it’ll be good fun, Loretta Devine always plays a good mom role.



Bridesmaids has some of my favorite comediennes, including Maya Rudolp, Kristen Wiig, and Melissa McCarthy (better known as Sookie on Gilmore Girls), and it’s produced by Judd Apatow who made Superbad, Knocked Up, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin… so if those movies are any indication, this one should be a riot. I hope.



And finally, Something Borrowed. I read this book while wedding planning, and I thought it was great. I love a good chick lit book, and Emily Giffin does not disappoint. Ginnifer and Kate look like they’ll be a great match of Rachel and Darcy, and John Krasinski? Everything is a little better with him.


We saw Water for Elephants a few weeks ago and loved it. I finished the book a few days before seeing the movie and thought the adaptation was just wonderful. I loved how it brought the book to life, and I loved Reese Witherspoon’s hair in it.

It’s the start of summer movies! What other movies do you want to see?

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