Thursday Tips: Remember to Take a Break!


The weather here in Dallas is absolutely beautiful. It’s that time of year when it’s the middle of spring and it’s warm outside, but not uncomfortably so. It’s actually nice to go outside. And even though there are thunderstorms passing through every other day (like Tuesday when I was pelted with hail!), the sunny days are happy reprieves.

All this to say, that if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, and feeling a little stressed or burnt out, remember to take a break!

1. If you work in an office or in front of a computer all day, close out any browser windows of wedding dresses, wedding blogs, or wedding vendors, and go take a walk outdoors. Breathe some fresh air. (Trust me, I was that bride!)

2. At the end of the day, go home and watch TV. The more indulgent the better. I hear that The Real Housewives of New Jersey are back! Don’t worry about bridesmaids ordering their dresses or what kind of flowers you want.

3. Plan a lunch date with your fiancé(e). It doesn’t have to be fancy, but spending some time together in the middle of the day can be a great stress reliever.

4. Go workout. Get those endorphins pumping and mind off of seating charts and alterations.

5. Plan a date night with your fiancé(e) and promise to not talk about anything wedding related.

6. Go to a movie. And not one about or involving a wedding.

7. Have a girls night out. Go to your favorite restaurant. Sip your favorite drink. Splurge on your favorite dessert.

8. Plan a weekend away. Just the two of you. Go to an amusement park, horseback riding, mountain climbing, and HAVE FUN!

And if all else fails, have a cupcake!

red velvet cupcake from tart pastry boutique dallas texas catie ronquillo photography

Happy Thursday!

On another note, who else is excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I’m kind of considering waking up early to watch it all live!

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  • Reply Jenna @ Heartcarry Press 04.28.2011 at 7:25 pm

    These are awesome tips Catie- literally a breath of fresh air :) So important to take a break from the wedding planning craziness every once in awhile!

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