Justin & Mary Shootout in Las Vegas!


I’ve been told that I have a certain knack for winning things. I’m lucky. I guess. In fact, one of my very first photographer friends from California asked me about it in Las Vegas at WPPI. She said, “What is your secret?” And to be totally honest, I wish I had a secret. I’m not gonna lie, if I had a secret for winning things, I’d totally test it on the lottery or actually try my hand at gambling in Vegas.

So maybe I’m just lucky? Let’s go with that. And before WPPI, I was lucky enough to win a spot to Justin & Mary Marantz‘s Shootout in Las Vegas. I was super excited when I heard the news because I love Justin & Mary. They are definitely a power couple in the wedding photography world and I just love that they are such givers. They share information, encourage photographers of all stages in their careers, and are overall just give me the warm fuzzies. Like, I wish they lived in Texas because then we could be neighbors. Just sayin’. But if you happen to live in New England and have chance to meet them and/or hear them speak, DO IT!

Anyway, Ashley (who is a photographer too!) and her boyfriend Jeremy were gracious enough to wake up super early (we met at 7am!) to be our models. I loved learning from Mary about posing and things to keep in mind when working with clients. We each had about 5 minutes to work with Ashley and Jeremy, in front of everyone else. I’m so not the morning person, and so I had to kick my brain into high gear so I didn’t look totally ridiculous.


They are ADORABLE. I wish I looked this good at 7am.


And on a geeky photographer’s note, Lensprotogo was there with a full arsenal of lenses. I fell in love with the new & improved 85mm f/1.4! Yum! These next two of Justin and Emily were shot with the 85. Anyone want to hook a girl up!?


Mary is my kind of girl… She talks with her hands, and shoots NIKON!


Ashley and Jeremy put the AWR in RAWR.


Hello 8:45am. Fancy meeting you. I’m glad I look somewhat functional.



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  • Reply Em 03.01.2011 at 12:12 pm

    I’m pleasantly surprised at how not heinous I look at 7am. Rough wake up call. But soooo worth it!!!

  • Reply Brandy Frank 03.03.2011 at 5:02 pm

    Catie!! This made me laugh out loud. I too have thought, dang! That girl is lucky! Lol I even thought randomly the other day “I should make a Catie sim and give her lucky and photographer’s eye traits and play” um yeah I can’t believe I just said that (obviously I play too much sims haha!!) lovely pics!! looks like you guys had fun!

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