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I don’t love working out. The thought of it doesn’t excite me. But if it’s fun and/or motivating, I’m way more likely to do it. Even boot camp.

A couple months back, Cent and I were invited to check out the Nike Training Club class at 24 Hour Fitness. It’s an hour of boot camp style exercises and intervals. The exercises are between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length, so even if you are doing a move that feels like you’re going to die, it’s only a minute. Every class has two trainers, one who is teaching, and the other who is checking on your form and helping you learn the correct moves.

Well, my butt got kicked. In a good way of course. And I definitely want to go back. I found out from the instructor (who’s also one of Cent’s football friends) that 24 Hour Fitness is testing the class in DFW, so it’s not offered anywhere else yet! So if you’re looking for a new workout that can help get you out of a plateau, this class will do it.

But fear not, there’s also an app for that. Apparently, I had downloaded a while ago before I even really knew what it did. Basically, it’s an app of the NTC class, except you can choose your class, class duration, and you can add music. There’s a voice that will prompt you to change exercises. So if you’re the type to motivate yourself or just want to work out at home without any equipment, this app ROCKS!

Nike Training Club app


And if you are in DFW and want to check out the class, look for classes taught by Brandace. She’s our friend and a GREAT instructor. She makes P90X seem like a walk in the park…in a good way.

Happy Friday!

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