Munaluchi Bridal: for the bride who craves culture and style


My friend and colleague, Ladna Amin of November Lily, recently told me about Munaluchi Bridal. I had heard the name around the blogosphere, but I had never really checked into it.

Well, it’s a fabulous resource for brides and grooms to be!

I know when Cent and I were planning our wedding less than two years ago, and looking for ways to intertwine our cultures into our ceremony to reflect both of our family heritages, it was a bit of a challenge. Wedding blogs were still fairly new and focused mostly on the outdoor wedding with a vintage touch. There were virtually no reliable online resources about jumping the broom, or Filipino traditions of cord, veil, and coins, or how to even begin combining the two.

So I’m super excited for the brides planning their weddings now. There are so many MORE resources, magazines, blogs, and websites than there were just two to three years ago. It’s amazing.

You can purchase your copy online here.

And to all the couples who got engaged over Valentine’s Day, CONGRATULATIONS!

Happy Tuesday!

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