Happy Valentine’s Day


We’re not huge Valentine’s Day people. In fact, in the five years we’ve been together, we’ve only celebrated Valentine’s Day once. And we weren’t even in the same city to celebrate. Thanks to my mom’s green thumb, the little plant that Cent sent is still alive. Yes, five years later!

But, I really don’t think that Valentine’s Day obliges you to say “I love you.” You should be saying that every day if there’s someone special in your life that you love and loves you in return. Seriously, it should be a daily celebration, something you want to yell from the rooftops, because love? It’s a special thing. It’s precious. It’s beautiful. And it should be proclaimed.

To me, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to eat lots of heart-shaped chocolate in red and pink wrappers.

i love you in french

So if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, have a great day. And remember to say “I love you” even when it’s not V-Day.

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